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    Just joined and thought I would introduce myself and see how active the membership is. Appears to be on life support. I was afraid all the traffic had moved to the Facebook groups like has happened to most of the good old forums. I so much prefer these old forums. So much better for archival of good data and not having good message threads disappear as they scroll off the page the next day… Anyway, looking for the best place to continue to learn about the Panoz Roadsters and AIVs, and connect with other owners. We used to live not far from Road Atlanta and the Panoz facility, and I loved and wanted one of the Roadsters back in the mid 90s but didn’t have that kind of disposable income at the time…
    I’ve just purchased a rather unique 94 Roadster and go back tomorrow to pick it up and make the drive home here to Flagler Beach, FL. Excited about getting some drive time in with it, cleaning it up, and learning more about it as I go.
    Thanks for the group membership approval/access. Would be great to see it active again. Appears to be a wealth of good info available although I’ve been unsuccessful so far finding any data to decode the VIN.
    Thanks, Mark