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Hi! + question about Panoz Roadster dashboard lights

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  • Hi! + question about Panoz Roadster dashboard lights

    Hello! My name's Cris, I've been lurking this forum a bit because I've been a fan of Panoz cars since I was a kid.

    A friend is making a modification for a popular old videogame called Midtown Madness 2, that features the Panoz AIV Roadster. We want the modification to make this car (and the others) look and behave more accurately to real life, among other things.
    Since neither of us owns a Panoz AIV Roadster like the one from the game, we were wondering if the gauges in the car's dashboard light up. We couldn't find any photos of the car's dashboard where we can see if it has lights. Do the gauges light up?

    Here's an image of the dashboard the way it appears in the game by default:

    Huge thanks in advance!!

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    The AIV Roadster had 01 era SVT Mustang dash cluster and did light up at night.