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    I am having a problem with the power steering on my Panoz Esperante GTS with a 351 Windsor motor. We have destroyed 2 pumps- 2nd pump only lasted 8 laps because I think the rack was not properly repaired. The rack is sortedproperly this time and I would really like to fix this problem once and not go back to it again. Does anyone have some advice on what pump we should be using?
    I live in South Africa so it is not that easy for me to pop into a spares shop and get advice I need to order everything over the internet so it is a bit of hit and miss. I am looking at trying a pump from Rousch Yates called a XXU005141 - apparently they are used in NASCARS.
    Many thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.

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    power steering

    Hi all,

    I received a reply from Panoz Autodev recommending using the standard Mustang 1994 PS pump. having gone through 2 of these pumps already I am not happy to put in a 3rd because when the pump fails the car becomes virtually impossible to drive. If everyone else is using the pump then clearly they are correct but if there is anyone else who has been trough this and can suggest an alternative that worked for them I would love to hear from you?


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      Look for some forums with members who race in the "American Iron" series. There should be many late 80's to mid 90's mustang guys running Windsors who have had to sort out PS pump issues. may be a good place to start.



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        Thank you for the assistance Tyler I will try to negotiate my way there.


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          I eventually went to NASCAR route and installed a RouchYates pump with a remote reservoir. So far so good so if anyone else experiences the same problem with boiling ATF fluid this might work for you as well.