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  • Squeaking Noise

    Had an issue with my 2004 Esperante making a squeaking noise whenever I hit a bump. The noise appeared to come from the front, left hand side of the vehicle. I was unable to reproduce manually and shocks and bushings all seemed fine.

    Ok finally got motivated to spend 1/2 the day tracking this down and hopefully it is solved I had two related issues. The primary issue was that the hood bumper on the left hand side of the car was at the right height but the securing nut at the base was loose allowing it to wiggle. That wiggle, along with a slight amount of play in the hood release mechanism was causing the bumper to rub against the hood and make a squeaking sound on the left hand side of my car whenever I hit a bump. Tightening the securing nut and adjusting the slack out of the hood mechanism seems to have fixed this.

    Posting in case anyone else has something similar in the future.

    Panoz Esperante, Maserati Quattroporte, Tesla S