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Been long time folks,saying hi

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  • Been long time folks,saying hi

    I read from time to time but wanted to say hi to Howard and others from many years ago, Since my original triple blk GT,I’m original owner, green GT coupe I just sold and finally after 10 years or some picked up a Sugard Daddy blue GTLM from Bryan Tiller in Macon. I keep in touch with Roger Connor in California who has 5/Panoz I believe, I’m in Atlanta if I can help anyone, spoke to Jamie today and Johan at JRD has done a lot of great service for me over the years. Dog doc Max

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    Hi dogdoc, good to see post from you. This is Don Fryer. About 2 1/2 hrs E of Panoz. 2004 Esperante GT (the 1st GT built); acquired in 2009. Also good to see comment about recent contact with Jamie. He and JC (?) (tall Brit fellow?) were great on a repair a couple of years ago. Jamie is still with Panoz? Or did you mean that you had simply just talked to him recently? I need to contact them re my cruise control not working. I don't do social media, but my wife does. She is requesting our joining the Panoz Esperante private facebook group.


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      Jamie is still with Panoz and active on the FB group. You can also reach out to him directly through the FB group. I don't have his contact info unfortunately but dogdoc might.

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        Nice to hear from you Dogdoc97. I was hoping that you still owned a Panoz. The Facebook sites for the Roadster and Esperante certainly get more activity than this forum. I hope though that this forum can act as a site that you can go to for information on the cars for parts and repairs.
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