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Esperante need help replacing/repairing center console

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  • Esperante need help replacing/repairing center console


    I need some help replacing or repairing the wood trim center console on a friends Esperante. I tried at least for 4 months to get help from the parts department down in Ga. and my first phone call was very positive with "I can check our spare parts and get back to you". Unfortunately, that lead to no call returned or emails etc and after a dozen very pleasant request unanswered I need some help. The wood trim is pretty degraded on the center console and it needs to replaced or recovered. Any parts available or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is pretty low mile car (26k) and it deserves to look good. My friend has kind of given up and wants to sell the car if I can't help him locate the parts.

    best regards,

    Bob T.

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    When I get a chance, I will scan and upload the procedure for replacing the trim into the library. That will show you what is involved.

    Your best bet may be seeing if you can find someone to restore the veneer. It seems like Panoz has scaled back quite a bit since covid and I don't know their future plans. The Panoz facebook group has a number of stories of people having a hard time with service.

    The wood trim is notorious for cracking due to the curvature of the dash and the thin veneer. When I replaced my trim in 2007 I was told that I should go with the carbon fibre as it lasted the longest. I didn't and it was only about 18 months before it cracked again.
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      Craig, thanks for the info!!


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        Look into hydrographic finishing. It?s awesome.