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1 year, 6 months...I pick up tomorrow!

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  • 1 year, 6 months...I pick up tomorrow!

    It's been about a year and a half since I fishtailed my 99 roadster into that concrete pole.

    Personnel shortages, OEM factory split, delayed orders, the guy that does the fiberglass fenders being on vacation in Europe...too many delays. But tomorrow...tee-hee.

    I've been calling religiously every 3-4 weeks. It was the first time that the body shop called ME first so I knew something was up.

    I will post pics as soon as I can pry my arse outta the seat.

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    Cool. Congratulations on getting your car back from the shop. Happy driving!


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      Happy to hear you will be back in the driver's seat! I am looking forward to seeing pictures. Did you have any additional work done on the car as it was being repaired? At one time I believe you were thinking about installing a roll bar.
      1998 Triple Black Roadster AIV, 2018 AMG GTC Roadster


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        Roll bar is no longer something I'm going for...although I am going to proceed with the tonneau cover. I did get in LED versions of the indicators from Wipac and just ordered the econoseal connectors so I can wire the new lights to be plug in without modifying the car and being able to return things to stock if need be. Looking at electronic flasher relays to hopefully address the fast flash issue. I'm starting to look at having a custom car cover made to match the color and stripe layout (similar to how I've seen the AC Cobra guys do their car covers). There is a place nearby me that does 3D laser scans and makes the covers off that. I'm pretty good on a sewing machine so I just might do it myself, just need to see where to go get enuff fabric to do it. I did replace the stock license plate holder with a CF one and installed motorcycle license plate LED bolts (~$5) to light up the plate. Needed to drill the threads out in order for the bolt to fit but it's brighter than the stock lights and allows me to install any license plate frame I want.