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DYI: Oil Change

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  • DYI: Oil Change

    Pretty basic stuff, but I thought I would add in case some of you haven't done your own car.

    Need: 5/8" Wrench / Oil Filter Wrench / Drain Pan / 6 qts of 5w30 oil and Premium oil filter.

    Engine Oil 6 quarts of Motorcraft 5W-30 Super Premium Motor Oil
    (I choose to use Valvoline Durablend 5w30)
    Oil Filter FL-820S

    1) Jack up and secure car.
    2) Remove Drain plug with a 5/8" wrench
    3) Remove Oil Filter (remote under drivers door) and let oil drain from hoses.
    4) Oil rubber seal around new oil filter and replace to the tightest you can by hand only.
    5) Add 6 quarts of oil from valve cover.
    6) Lower car and start the car to comfirm oil pressure and then look under car for any leaks from the oil drain plug or oil filter.
    7) let oil settle to bottom of the oil pan and then check dip stick level.
    8) Add oil if needed until oil level is in the middle of the dip stick between min and max.
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    Anyone using synthetic in the crankcase?
    PSteering reservoir?
    What about in the rear end and/or tranny?

    I used synthetics in the rear end of a mid 80s high end car and ended up with some extra "chatter" from the rear end. Mechs said that due to metals and design it was letting the rear end slip slightly and create the chatter. I switched back to non synthetic and chatter left.