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1998 Roadster Odometer & Trip Odometer Not Working??

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  • 1998 Roadster Odometer & Trip Odometer Not Working??

    Recently my odometer and trip odometer stop working on my 1998 AIV Roadster. However, the speedometer was unaffected. If you have this problem, it usually is due to a broken odometer gear in the instrument cluster. After doing some research I found out this is a fairly common issue. The OEM odometer gear was made out of a plastic that deteriorates with time. When I pulled my gear out it literally crumbed in my hand. The replacement gears are made out of nylon, which should make this a one-time repair.
    Luckily this is a fairly inexpensive fix, however not the easiest repair job. The actual replacement of the gear in the instrument cluster is easy. LateModelRestoration has on their website a video and a pdf that gives instructions on how to replace the gear. Attached is the pdf attachment from LateModelRestoration.
    The difficult issue is pulling the instrument cluster from the dash. At least for my car the instrument cluster was GLUED IN! At first I thought I would need to remove the dash, but with further investigation I found that by working on each side of the dash I could remove the two screws holding the cluster in the dash. I thought I was home free. But the dash would not budge. With quite of bit of effort I was able to free the cluster from the dash. That is when I saw what was holding it in….quite a glob of adhesive (see photo)! The good news, once I pulled the cluster the odometer gear install went well. The instructions provided by LateModelRestoration were excellent. Putting the cluster back in was smooth as well. I used permanent automotive 3M adhesive tape and reinstalled the screws. At least for me, this completely fixed my issue. Hope this post will save you a little time and research if you incur the same problem.

    1998 AIV Panoz Instrument Cluster.jpg

    Odometer Gear Repair AIV Roadster 1998.pdf
    1998 Triple Black Roadster AIV, 2018 AMG GTC Roadster